September 2019
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Do you want to find out the truth about Chris Cobb scam or Chris Cobb fraud?  Lately Chris has been subjected to a host or rumours and attacks about his business dealings and the quality of the products he has developed and created.  The attacks are completely baseless in nature and are only a very poor attempt to blacken the good name he has worked so hard to create.  You can find more information about Chris on his blog and why he is one of the few names in internet marketing that can be trusted.

His story should be an inspiration for anyone who is trying to make it online.  Starting out from the spare room in his house with little more than an old PC, a phone and more than £40,000 of debt he has gone on to make millions.  He now lives the lifestyle that most of us can only dream about with new cars in the driveway and exotic holidays to some of the world’s most exclusive destinations.

If you want to learn more about some of the products Chris has launched in the last few years there are a number of independent review sites you can go to for an opinion.  In fact I recommend that you do so.  You can read a review of his CPA Arbitrage system here and his incredibly successful AIS Home Study Course here.  Both sites give overwhelming positive reviews and both products are used by thousands of internet marketers in countries around the world.  Chris really is one of the good guys of internet marketing and there is no truth whatsoever to the rumours of Chris Cobb scam or Chris Cobb fraud.


If your plans for internet domination and retiring by the time you are 42 are not going as well as you hoped you probably need a little help from a master.  Chris Cobb could be just the man you are looking for to help you get your career back on track and give it the boost it needs.  He has already made a small fortune working online and he has helped thousands of others to do the same.

So who is Chris Cobb and how can he help you?  Chris Cobb is an internet marketer and entrepreneur based in the UK.  Still only 31 he has launched a string of successful products mostly focussed on the field of affiliate marketing.  For anyone who doesn’t know affiliate marketing is the process of promoting someone else’s products from a site such as Clickbank and earning a commission on each one that you sell.  Starting off from the spare room in his house 5 years ago with nothing but an old PC and a mountain of debt Chris has created a min empire.  Realising the huge potential of the net he quickly gave up his boring and unfulfilling 9-5 job to devote himself to his true calling.

He has released several products in the last few years the latest of which is Clickbank Cash or CB Cash as it is also known.  The beauty of CB Cash is that it focuses on recurring income products and teaches you how to sell them successfully.  This means that one sale could provide you with a steady income stream for years to come.  All of Chris’s products have a no questions asked money back guarantee which makes talk of Chris Cobb scams all the more surprising.  Chris has never been less than honest in his business dealings and prefers to let the quality of his products speak for themselves.


Like many people in the world of internet marketing Chris Cobb relies on his good name and reputation to be a success.  Without it is of course very hard to promote new products and expand his business.  Chris has worked incredibly hard to build a great reputation for the quality of his products as well as his personal integrity.  However in the last few months his good name has come under attack from one or two individuals who are determined to blacken his name in any way they can.

This is of course completely unfair and unjustifiable.  Chris is an honest, hard working and open internet entrepreneur who has never been anything other than above board in all of his business dealings.  The fact that a very small number of people could be able to ruin all of Chris’s hard work over the last few years is sickening.  There is no question that Chris Cobb scammer or that he is involved in any sort of scams or fraud of any kind.  It is the usual tired nonsense from those who are jealous of his success or who bought one of his products and it failed to make them an instant millionaire.

The quality of the products Chris creates is beyond question.  Focussing mainly on the area of affiliate marketing they are some of the best you will find anywhere.  CPA Arbitrage started a mini revolution in the world of CPA marketing and spawned hundreds of inferior imitators.  While other products such as the AIS Blueprint and CB-Cash have gone on to be equally successful.  If you would like to know more about Chris Cobb you can visit his blog for all of the latest news and information about him.


Like all internet marketers Chris Cobb depends heavily on his good name and reputation to continue to be successful online.  It is an essential part of his business and one that he has put a great deal of time and effort into to create.  Having established a reputation for creating quality products that actually work it is all the more distressing for him to find that his name has come under attack in recent months.  A number of websites have appeared accusing him of Chris Cobb fraud and Chris Cobb scam.  Of course all of these attacks are completely baseless in nature as anyone who has ever bought or used one of his products can tell you.

So let’s look at a few facts.  Is Chris Cobb trying to scam you out of your money?  Of course he isn’t.  If he was running a scam of any kind would he offer a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee on all of the products he has created?  It would certainly be a new way of running a scam if he was.  Giving people their money back if they are not entirely satisfied is certainly a new and novel way of scamming them that I have not come across before.

As for the quality of products they are all top notch.  You can Google any independent internet marketing review site and find favourable reviews of the products he has created and glowing testimonies from the people who use them.  So is there any truth to the rumours of Chris Cobb scam or Chris Cobb fraud?  No none whatsoever.


If you have been trying to launch your online marketing career but don’t seem to be getting anywhere you probably could use a little help.  Internet marketing is a tough nut to crack and the competition is now fiercer than ever with more and more people wanting to make their fortune on the net.  Knowing where to turn to get help and advice you can trust and that will actually work is however pretty tough.  Every day it seems there is another internet marketer or guru willing to share his secrets with you and charge you a fortune for it.

Fortunately if you have nearly reached the end of your tether and are just about to throw in the towel Chris Cobb is here to help you.  He is one of the UK’s leading internet marketers and his products have helped thousands of people to earn a fantastic living online.  So what makes Chris different from all the other gurus and internet marketers out there?  Well for a start Chris’s products actually work.  They are exactly the same products and techniques that Chris used to make his fortune and he still uses them every day even now to make thousands of pounds each and every day.

These are products that have a real quality and depth to them and they have all been tried and tested by Chris himself.  Probably the most popular product that Chris has developed is the AIS (Automated Income Stream) home study course.  It is a fantastic product for novices as it focuses on one of the simplest areas of marketing to get into-affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing can be tremendous profitable as Chris demonstrates but so many people get it wrong when they are starting out.  With the right help from Chris you will be able to make money from any product and send your commissions through the roof.