July 2019
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When I first started online I seriously had nothing to my name. Well, that’s not entirely true, I had around £43,000 worth of debt actually, and it had got to the stage where I was struggling to service this debt each and every month.

I had a choice – bury my head in the sand and hope that everything would go away – or take action and change things. My friends, family and, more importantly, my girlfriend had grown tired of all my attempts to get out of this struggle, but I kept on trying. In fact, I tried everything – you name it, I tried it, and more often than not I failed!!

And if this sounds like you then I’m fully aware of what you’re going through…

Is it my fault? Am I missing something? Am I destined to live life in the rat race? All of these thoughts went through my head – over and over – and it wasn’t until one evening when looking around my home office that I realised where I had been going wrong!! I was buying everything, leaping from one thing to the next and changing focus at every turn – I just needed to choose one business model and go for it!

So, my search started and I began looking at a narrower and much more targeted business model than ever before – that of internet marketing…

It made sense in my head, and I could see myself doing it. There were so many success stories out there that I thought “WOW, there’s some serious money to be made here!”

And this might be where you are now, i.e. you’ve seen all these people making money online and you want a piece of it. That’s exactly how I was and it’s precisely what I was thinking too! But, where do you start?

Well, that’s where I come in…

It’s a seriously big jigsaw puzzle to get everything in place and working (trust me on that!), and what you really need is a clear plan, a system and directions to get there – this is what I soon discovered anyway…

So I went about looking for the most successful person that I could find, operating the business that both made sense in my head and I could also see myself doing – working from home. After all, and probably like you, I was looking for something that would be easier than working 9-5, not to simply replace the jobs that I could get if I HAD to.

And with the help of this gentleman I soon began to make money – small amounts at first, but then larger and larger amounts, and consistently as well. And I started to do this in a number of different markets too, selling products and services that people really wanted. There was never any hard sell, or even talking to customers – people would only find my websites if they were interested in what I had to offer and were therefore much more likely to buy my products…

So that’s my story really. All I’ve done is I’ve found something that works and I’ve added to it – with more projects, more income streams and more and more Joint Venture partners that I not only work with but I share the profits with as well.

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I look forward to working with you…

Best Wishes,