July 2019
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Like all internet marketers Chris Cobb depends heavily on his good name and reputation to continue to be successful online.  It is an essential part of his business and one that he has put a great deal of time and effort into to create.  Having established a reputation for creating quality products that actually work it is all the more distressing for him to find that his name has come under attack in recent months.  A number of websites have appeared accusing him of Chris Cobb fraud and Chris Cobb scam.  Of course all of these attacks are completely baseless in nature as anyone who has ever bought or used one of his products can tell you.

So let’s look at a few facts.  Is Chris Cobb trying to scam you out of your money?  Of course he isn’t.  If he was running a scam of any kind would he offer a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee on all of the products he has created?  It would certainly be a new way of running a scam if he was.  Giving people their money back if they are not entirely satisfied is certainly a new and novel way of scamming them that I have not come across before.

As for the quality of products they are all top notch.  You can Google any independent internet marketing review site and find favourable reviews of the products he has created and glowing testimonies from the people who use them.  So is there any truth to the rumours of Chris Cobb scam or Chris Cobb fraud?  No none whatsoever.


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