July 2019
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Like many people in the world of internet marketing Chris Cobb relies on his good name and reputation to be a success.  Without it is of course very hard to promote new products and expand his business.  Chris has worked incredibly hard to build a great reputation for the quality of his products as well as his personal integrity.  However in the last few months his good name has come under attack from one or two individuals who are determined to blacken his name in any way they can.

This is of course completely unfair and unjustifiable.  Chris is an honest, hard working and open internet entrepreneur who has never been anything other than above board in all of his business dealings.  The fact that a very small number of people could be able to ruin all of Chris’s hard work over the last few years is sickening.  There is no question that Chris Cobb scammer or that he is involved in any sort of scams or fraud of any kind.  It is the usual tired nonsense from those who are jealous of his success or who bought one of his products and it failed to make them an instant millionaire.

The quality of the products Chris creates is beyond question.  Focussing mainly on the area of affiliate marketing they are some of the best you will find anywhere.  CPA Arbitrage started a mini revolution in the world of CPA marketing and spawned hundreds of inferior imitators.  While other products such as the AIS Blueprint and CB-Cash have gone on to be equally successful.  If you would like to know more about Chris Cobb you can visit his blog for all of the latest news and information about him.


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